The only thing left when you lose just about everything

As a normal high school student, I think that going to school is because of hanging out with peers, making the most out of your allowance and even just simply having fun. But i also know that these things, are not really gonna lead us to where we’re gonna be five to ten years from now. Who knows if  our valedictorian might become my boss someday. who knows if the bully in our class becomes  my personal bodyguard or who knows maybe the nerd whom i never talked to becomes my husband. who knows? a question we all can’t answer. a question which will eventually leave us thinking, who will i be someday? who will i become? what will be my mark on this planet? what difference can i make?

I have thought of this question over and over and over and over again, and i can only find one answer to this probabilistic question; EDUCATION. yep, it could be pretty hard sometimes, and even boring but what the heck? it builds our whole being. it is  our foundation for a better future.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of those unfortunate people who can’t even have three meals a day..Imagine yourself working and studying at the same time just to earn something for your tuition fee.. Imagine yourself as someone, who will exchange even his/her dignity just to be able to go to school. can you even imagine it? i think not.

to those people out there, who are just spending their money and just chillin’ out every now and then, to those people who can’t appreciate the hard work of their parents because they think of themselves only, to those people who are wasting their time in useless vices, here’s a piece of advice; DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. life’s too short so grab the opportunity to be able to study while you still can, because if the time comes that you’re gonna loose everything; your friends, your parents who gives you your allowance or even those people who made you happy temporarily, what you have learned through education, both knowledge and skills,  is the only thing that will make you survive without relying on others.

Why do we say “Amen” after a prayer?

What is the Origin of “Amen”

The word “Amen” makes its first appearance in the Bible under the most solemn circumstances. When a husband accused his wife of adultery, and she protested her innocence, and she had not been caught in the act, the matter was settled by God under the test of bitter water (Num 5:12-31). The woman was taken to the priest, and the priest put her under oath. She submitted to a ceremony in which she drank some water containing dust from the tabernacle floor. If she had committed adultery, she was be cursed with a wasting disease, but if she did not get sick, then she was proven innocent and her husband was proven wrong.

During the ceremony, when the priest pronounced the curse, the woman was required by God to say, “Amen, Amen”. (Num 5:22). That is the first occurrence of the word in scripture. The Lord commands it to be said by a person who is yielding herself to examination by him in his presence.

The word “Amen” probably goes back a long way. Some think it is of pagan origin (there was an Egyptian god called Amen-Ra). Perhaps that ancient usage reflects an even earlier existence of the word. As to its use in the Bible, however, we first encounter the word in this commandment spoken by the Lord (Num 5:22).

2 Why do we say “Amen”?

The word “Amen” is almost always the last word of a solemn statement. In the first example, it was said by the woman at the end of the priest’s pronouncement of the curse and of her taking the oath. We find the word “Amen” as the last word in several instances in the Bible.

  • The word is found in the last verses of the Bible (Rev 22:20-21).
  • The first three books of Psalms end with Amen (Psa 41:13, Psa 72:19, Psa 89:52).
  • Most books of the New Testament end with it (KJV).
  • In the land of Israel, when a prayer or prophecy was made, or a law of God was read, “All the people said, “Amen”” (Neh 5:13, 8:6).
  • The Lord’s example prayer ends with “Amen” (Mtt 6:13).
  • Paul uses the word seven times in his letter to the Romans at the end of doxologies or benedictions Annotation on the previous word with a link back to here (Rom 1:25, Rom 9:5, Rom 11:36, Rom 15:33, Rom 16:20,24,27)
  • Paul implies that people should say “Amen” at the end of a prayer in church (1Co 14:16).

The word “Amen” appears therefore to be the fitting last word for solemn utterances made before God.

3 What Does “Amen” Mean?

Oddly, to get a scriptural answer to what “Amen” means, we go to a place where it is used not as the last word but the first word. Jesus would often start a solemn statement by saying “Verily” or “Truly”. In John’s gospel (eg Jhn 3:3) Jesus is recorded as using the word twice in succession, “Verily, verily, I say to you…”. This is actually the word “Amen”.

When we compare an instance of this in Mark, with the same statement in Luke, we find Mark has left the word untranslated (just as αμην “Amen”), but Luke has translated it using the word αληθος “Truly”. (Mark 9:1, Lke 9:27). This shows us that the underlying meaning of the word “Amen” is truth and verity. It is a solemn affirmation. When we say, “Amen” we are saying, “Yes before God I agree with that, I believe that to be true, I want that to be so”.

In some other interesting and helpful passages…

  • Instead of saying, “Amen, Amen” Jeremiah paraphrased the second Amen in his statement, “Amen, the Lord do so” (Jer 28:6).
  • One of God’s names or titles is “The God of Truth”. If we left the last word untranslated, the title would read, “The God of Amen” (Isa 65:16).
  • Paul uses the word as an affirmation when he says of Christ, “For as many as may be the promises of God, in him they are ‘yes’ and in him ‘Amen'” (2Co 1:20).
  • One of the names of Jesus is “The Amen, the Faithful and True Witness” (Rev 3:14).

These passages show us that the word “Amen” is a solemn affirmation of truth, a special word that we can use whenever we have said (or heard) something that is true before God.



Her Unsuccessful Plan of being totally Alone

It was the first day of classes. .

I wasn’t enjoying that day too much because, unfortunately, I had no “close” friends  in our class.
And so I tried to adjust because I wasn’t really used to being alone and silent. That very same day, that was the day I realized how noisy silence can be.

After a few days of getting to know my new classmates, I met this girl. she was the WEIRDEST person I’ve ever known in my entire  life. . but it was the “good” kind of weird though. We were classmates when were still juniors but we seldom talked.
Anyway, I often see her walking alone on the corridors and that’s when I concluded that she was the “independent” kind of girl. . not the”loner” kind. Independent because, for me I think she is capable of making friends with other people it’s just that, she doesn’t rely her happiness on them. She can be with who ever she wanna be. . no tied strings to a so-called “clique”.

And so one day, (unexpectedly) she approached me. . she asked me if I want to go and have recess with them. . of course, who am I to say no? After our class, she, together with our other “new friend” waited for me. . This routine continued until NOW.  therefore I conclude, that the saying ” no man is an island” is true. . because no matter how hard we try to avoid socializing with other people, we will still need friends and companions . . ^_^


You’re NOT who your friends are. . .

people say, “you are who your friends are”  but me? i stand up and say “you’re NOT who your friends are.”

I think, for most of us, we try to consider our similarities and compatibilities with the friends we have. But this is not a basis for us to be able to assume that we are exactly WHO they are. I mean, sure, we can act like them and do the same things that they do, but it doesn’t mean that we are a duplicate of them. Even if your friend is a jerk, it doesn’t mean that you are too. . even if your friend is the smartest person living on earth, it doesn’t mean that you are too. Because according to my own perception, each and everyone of us are unique. . and special in our own ways. And also, i think that it is in our DIFFERENCES that we are tested of how long we can hang on to a friendship despite our unlikeness. :’>

Tacloban City Feast Celebration

It was another great day for all the Taclobanons.
The whole city was celebrating the Feast in honor of our beloved Sto. Nino.
The Pintados Festival, greatly known for its cultural-religious celebration based on the body painting traditions of the ancient tattooed warriors was held last June 27, 2011.



The Sangyaw Festival, which was held last June 29,2011, was also praised by the crowd . The dancers expressed themselves through body languages and colorful props thus, making the grand parade jubilant. Celebrities, of course, came over to witness the said occasion.



Rocking Bands like the Spongecola and Rocksteady also came to jam with us.. there was a schedule every night at Magsaysay Boulevard. The party usually ends early in the morning giving you a hoarse voice the next day.



It sure was another hullabaloo fun here in Tacloban that I’m pretty sure everyone will be looking forward to for the next June to come.